…to my world or should I say multiple worlds, the worlds in my head the stories yet untold and the mayhem! I am here and I am excited!  It feels like a new year and birthday all rolled into one!  It kinda is all those things, isn't it?  It's the official start to letting you all know I exist and that I am on a writing journey and taking you all along for the adventure. Who am I?

I am someone who LOVES romance! As a child I was a voracious reader. I used to see my sister reading these purple colored books and she would hide them from me. Ever the sleuth I had to know what was in those pages. I (eh…hem…) stole/borrowed my first Harlequin romance from her bookshelf and have been hooked ever since. Soon after, instead of writing notes to my friends in class that asked, “Are you my friend?” with check boxes for ‘yes’ and ‘no,’ I was writing full on stories. They were stories about dating, love, conflict, and weddings. I didn’t know I was a romance writer and it took me many years to embrace that and now I am happy to give my stories to you.

At present I am a professional. Most of my day I write the sexy, provocative stuff, do research. The other part of the time I am a wellness warrior helping people to be fit and healthy which promotes creativity and well-being. I am also an educator teaching American Sign Language. I love wine, my friends and family and laughing (A LOT).

I published a novel Single by Choice? (shameless plug: available on Author HouseAmazon and Barnes and Noble), in 2005 when self-publishing was still a bit of a scary thing. So, I like to sometimes think of myself as a bit of a trailblazer, even if the trail didn’t blaze as hot as I would have liked. Haha! I continued to write, but life sort of took me off the path to doing what I love. That’s ok – it happens! I’m back now and here to stay, thanks to many awesome supporters and mentors in all forms (novice to professional).

Romance Writers of America (RWA)

I attended the Romance Writers of America Conference this year in San Antonio, Texas recently (ok maybe not too recent - way back in July...lol). I am so excited to say that I found my people!!!!  I had a blast and met some of my favorite and met so many amazing writers!


A very emotional hug with Christy Craig.

With Christie Craig

Christie Craig's session was very entertaining, educational and motivating - just how she likes it. I was a puddle of tears before the end.  If you get a chance to see her speak, GO!

Whether you are a writer and/or lover of romance it is a great conference. I met a bunch of first-timers who made you feel at home every time you saw them and the workshops were great. I even got the opportunity to pitch my current work. It was a success and a great beginning to my official writing year, if you will.

So, with this blog I intend to share with you who I am, my process, passion(s) and struggles, some random thoughts and my writing. I look forward to getting to know you, too!


JN Welsh