Move It to Create It

When I need my characters to talk to each other and my stories to develop, I exercise. I started a fitness journey back in January after seeing some pictures on New Year’s that let me know I had gone far beyond JUST overweight. My life had gotten quite sedentary when I decided to write full-time and go for my dreams. I was on the computer more, which meant I was on my booty more as well. . I snacked on the quick and easy and indulged sometimes without even knowing I was doing it.

So, I started with a Beachbody program called Focus T25 with Shaun T. I was focused and got great results (dropped 30 pounds in ten weeks), but beyond that I found my drive after going through that transformation. I was able to push myself harder in other areas and my creative ideas started to flow more than they had in years. I remembered that I was an artist who creates characters, builds worlds and inspires others through my storytelling.

IMG_0914Now, in addition to gardening my own writing career, I motivate others to be accountable to their fitness and nutrition programs. To stay on track as they go through their own transformation. To get off their booty and move as a way to unleash their creativity, be healthier, and practice overall wellness (body mind and spirit). When I’m active the ideas flow, I make better decisions and I smile more (as if I don’t smile enough).

I’d love to know if anyone that has a similar process; artist who use fitness to ignite creativity. I’d also love to hear from those who may be struggling to stay healthy doing more sedentary work.

Wellness is just a walk away :)