Love Letter #1



My love,

I miss you and your arms around me. I wanted to let you know how deeply you have touched me. The love you give to me each and every day, even though you are away, is such a blessing.

It lifts me up and I smile every time I think of your smile and the way you tease me so that I laugh out loud. Your passion for life is overwhelming, but I want nothing more than to go on this adventure with you.

You’re essence is present in everything I do from how I sit, curled up in a chair, and sip my tea to the love I put in my food when I prepare it. My hips move differently when I think of you walking with me and holding my hand. It’s ghostly how I can feel it envelop mine.

When I sleep at night, my dreams are of you and the many intimate moments we’ve shared. I remember how the heat, sweat and panting all culminated into blissful cries and explosions of passion. Yet, what memory caresses me most is of settling into your loving arms, feeling your warm breath against my cheek, and the tightening of your embrace around me. I still feel the imprint of you from behind.

We’re apart now for this brief time while we chase our dreams and blue sky. I’ll wait for you as you wait for me and my heart soars at the day when we will be reunited.