To Series or Not to Series

  I never meant to write a series. I thought that a stand alone novel was best for my current project but then characters kept emerging, wanting more “screen time,” and having so much more to say than I expected. The series was born.


Now it’s time to see if the characters that wanted more screen time and had loads to say, even butting in on the main characters from time to time can hold their own. How many novels are we talking, here? Well, at last count it was three, but no more than five.

I haven’t shared a lot of specifics about my current project but it is a contemporary novel with a provocative edge and multicultural elements. Though the novel is complete, I keep editing. I also want to make sure that the foundation is there for the additional titles. The plan for the series is still a work in progress, but I am really excited to share some pages from the first novel with you soon.



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