Hidden Treasures

I have tons of books!  Some are in boxes and some are on shelves.  I came across a box of hidden treasures from when I was in graduate school and came across The Lover by Marguerite Duras.  Though this is not the original cover, this is the cover I have and as soon as I saw it I was thrown back into the deep waves of this novel. the-lover-a-novel-marguerite-duras-7453-MLB5217630587_102013-F

I love this book.  I, like so many other people, enjoy reading things from a first person or autobiographical perspective because even though I'm not a white, young girl with pig tails, I easily travel the storytellers path.  Her joys, fears, tensions and sadness become very real to me.  It's such a short book that I easily picked it up and started reading it again.

Ahhh...memories! :)