Sunday Writing Challenge


Nothing Like a Challenge!!! I have been challenged to do a 7x7x7 challenge by my writer friend Jodi James. Thanks Jodi!!! "Go to the 7th page of your current work in progress. Go to the 7th line and post the next 7 lines. Then challenge 7 of your writer friends to do the same."

I am also going to post this on my blog to get some of my blog followers involved. So in a sense I'm doing 7x7x14...LOL

So my current contemporary novel has a working title called Agreements. I gave a little more than 7 lines here:

____________ She would have loved red wine or whisky, but remembered that she wore white. “A white wine spritzer would be nice. Thanks.”

“You got it.” Abe left for the bar, leaving her and Tommy alone. Leona was familiar with this Chess game. She was being positioned for something more than just her perspective.

“Leo? Luke is very talented DJ. He’s one of the front-runners in EDM and as you can tell by the fans waiting outside the hotel to get a glimpse of him, he has the popularity as well. He’s approaching a level that many up and coming DJs aspire to, but he needs real management skills to propel him forward. It’s been the thing holding him back for years. I can get him the gigs and appearances. He just needs to be managed by a company that is going to be successful at keeping all the balls in the air.”

“Ok. Well, Abe is the best in the business, so you’re in good hands. I can totally vouch for him.” Leona tried to remain a queen protected by the pawns instead of a pawn being positioned to protect the King. Check.


I have challenged seven writer friends to do this, but I would love to hear from my fellow bloggers!!!


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