Time….is Ticking…..Away!


I have been having challenges finding time to edit, which is also hindering my time to write. As a result, I have done what I assume most people do when they have a need to manage their time better. I have created a schedule.

I do a few different things for income so unfortunately no day is the same though I would like them to be as uniform as possible. The only part that is normally consistent is the morning where I can do my devotion, meditate and then workout. After that it’s like being at a casino at a slot machine looking at what pops up.

I think about the new schedule this way. The more painful it gets to hold to it, the more efficient I will get at keeping to it. I’m always up before 7am and I am to bed before 12:30am. If I’m suffering from sleep deprivation, it was my own fault and the next time I will hopefully have learned my lesson and get my tushy to bed!

Must say, I do love the night…

So I am on day three of this schedule and things have gone horribly wrong but I am not changing things until I see how it works the whole week. Fear not, I’m taking notes.

The epiphanies so far…

  1. I cannot write in the morning (yet). I really want to, but I am way to lethargic, philosophical and personal development focused to get into romance. I need to get all the ponderings about life out (and eventually out faster) before I can get into the groove.
  2. I need to schedule two different slots one for business researching and listening to trainings and another for straight up writing. I do this now but when I try to do them somewhat during the same slots of time, I get annoyed the creativity level (and sometimes lack thereof are different. Noted.
  3. I need to schedule unscheduled time. Laundry and grocery shopping destroyed this schedule. I need to either put it in the schedule specifically or leave enough unscheduled time for multipurpose options. (Ex., laundry or grocery shopping or cleaning or baking for an event or servicing the car).
  4. On this original schedule I put in 30 minutes of quiet time (to just listen, say nothing, and just sit still). I scheduled it way too early. I need this in the afternoon.
  5. I have a general schedule that I was trying to be uniform for everyday and on day one, I realized that each day needed to be planned out quite differently. Leave it to me to need extensive customization

I will keep you posted on how this goes. If you have any time management tips apps for writers, suggestions or question. I would love to hear from you. I hope this helps you with your time management adventure!