Blue Helmets With Horns

Let the Games Being (plus scheduling update)! I think we have a winner. Week 2 on the modified schedule went smoothly. Week 3 is proving to be quite challenging especially as I try to organize for an entire month. The schedule was flowing well but now I find myself needing to do other priorities during scheduled time that weren’t even on a priority OR to-do list. Oy!!! That means this schedule is by no means finalized, but it is better.

Right now it is set up to handle National Novel Writing Month (NanoWriMo) for November. I am doing a lot of auto-scheduling, which takes extensive planning, so that I can think creatively and really get involved with my characters.

My goal is to not only write one but two novels in 30 day. I know I’m crazy! I will spend the first half of 2015 editing…lol (admitted pantser most of the time with planner moments). What’s a pantser you ask?

For more information on pantser and planner OR to even sign up for NaNoWriMo then checkout this cool blog post. Knowing that there are others out there laboring over their work and striving for daily word count totals would be GREAT!


I’ll be blogging about the NaNo craziness so stay tuned…