Get You @$$ in the Chair!

Nothing like a little motivation to get your butt in the chair.  After National Novel Writing Month, things went from amped to flat.  I think the holidays had something to do with it, but still, the struggle for all writers seems to be just getting in the chair and writing the book! So now that I am aware of my procrastination, I should be a writing machine, yes!? No.  I think that I am one of those people who gets really motivated and pounds things out only to then mosey the rest of the time.  Now that I know THAT, too, I should be better able to manage my time and get my @$$ in the chair yes?  Nope.

However, it does make me aware and I can keep writing confessions like this that make me say, people are watching and if you have some goals, then you ought to get to it.