Love Letter #5 - An EDM Love Affair


Dear Kaskade,

I Remember when we first met?  It was a cold day in February and I saw you on stage,  You played a song and I fell in love with you then.  Your music stirred something inside of me - happiness, excitement and love inspiration.  I wanted to love the world and those around me, but most of all I wanted to love you.

Since that moment, technology helped us get to know each other.  Video, MP3s and social media helped support our relationship because you were all over the world, sharing your music, making people happy and changing lives - like you changed mine.

It took some time before we met in person and it was tough.  A hurricane that was vicious nearly prevented it by grounding flights.  Through the power outages and floods I continued to pray and plan that I would be able to meet you on "the strip," all the while hearing you in my ear saying, "Don't Stop Dancing" I didn't know if I would make it, but the Universe aligned and I was able to get to you...

...and when I saw you.... was electric!

Tens of thousands around me could feel the waves.My heart was filled with love, joy and surprise. "Am I really here?" I remember saying to myself.  I beamed light, that was brighter than the costume I donned, wishing that you could feel me. "Move For Me," you said, and danced with electric energy...

...and when you reached your arms out to us...I did...

...I loved, too.

Love, JN