Luuuuuvvvvphodesiac or Upscale Jello Shots

With Valentine's Day and the Fifty Shades of Grey movie just over a week away I had to share my contribution to "The Luuuuuv!" (said in my best Barry White impression).  I want to give you guys enough time to get the ingredients and molds.  Also, it's a great opportunity to also go crazy at a few wine tastings (and perhaps on a few bottles)  so that you purchase just the right vintage to execute the below recipe well! I'm somewhat of a health enthusiast that also likes savor (or swim)  in a fragrant and robust bottle of wine whenever possible.  So why not combine the two in one of the healthiest alcoholic candy gummy recipes out there. Ir's kind of like an upscale jello shot.

Must say...there is going to be a lot of good writing when these babies get made.  Oh yeah!