Back to Basics - Part I


Have you ever felt estranged from your own life? This has been my feeling lately. Over the last year and a half,  I have gotten involved with some great things and met some incredible people both in the writing and  fitness world. I've had a good time and have learned new skills and things about myself that I might not have otherwise learned. However, over the past month I have felt like I am getting off track from my main goals, mostly because I have competing priorities but there is more to it than that.

I recently sat with someone I hold in high esteem and questioned them about my businesses and how best to set things up so that I can make things more streamlined for future success. When I was done giving him my plans and prospectus, hopes, wishes and dreams, he asked me a question.

“Do you think you might be spreading yourself too thin?”

People have asked me this before. I don’t know what it was about the question this time. It could have been something as simple as using the word “might” instead of the word “are” or that the location was quiet and we had privacy. It could have been that I felt I had his whole attention and that he really wanted to know the answer instead of just filling conversation or commenting on my situation. Whatever it was I sat quiet for a moment and really waited for myself to answer honestly and fully.


I didn’t over explain. He could see it on paper. I was tired and feeling worn down.  I was physically, mentally and emotionally stressed. From social media, working, writing,  working out, to family and financial challenges, and the ups and downs of chasing my dreams --you name it and it was getting to me.

I let him know that I get up early to make more time for myself and also try to get to bed early as well, even though I am an admitted night owl.

“Yes but do you feel rested?”

“Not quite.” I answered. The answer was no.

I like to DO things and I have A LOT of ideas I try to execute all at once which is probably not surprising since many of us behave this way. If I’m doing things, I feel like I’m getting somewhere, but multi-tasking is not helping me to actually GET anywhere. For me, “Jack of all trades, master of none,” is not going to get to me where I want to be. It is also not going to help my spirit so that I am emotionally full and able to help others live their best lives through my methods of delivery: story telling, wellness and education.

I needed to go back to basics, so I did something unplanned and risky.

I stopped. I just stopped.

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