Back to Basics Part II


I stopped engaging in technology. I stopped comparing myself to others who I see online progressing faster than me, I stopped responding to every ding or ring on my phone. I stopped scheduling my day and stopped thinking about taking a picture for everything in my life so that I could share it. Why?

Well, let me take you back just a little bit. In 2013, I broke-up with my well-paying corporate position and decided that I was going to make my dreams happen, no matter how long it took or how challenging it got. Everything from an apartment I loved to my bank account downsized for the transition.

In January 2014, I started my fitness journey. If ever get a chance to read that blog entry on, then I implore you do so. You will learn, in more detail, why I felt the need to change my life and start my fitness journey. I didn’t start my fitness journey so that I could spend a lot of time on social media feeding others entertainment before feeding myself spiritually or emotionally. I started my fitness journey because I spent many years neglecting myself for others and living in a body that was not reflective of who I was inside. I didn’t want to got through life in that body anymore. I needed to take 100% responsibility, release the past and embrace a happy and healthier lifestyle.

I needed to change. I let my weight balloon out of control because I gave more to others first - whether that was a job, task, emotional support or my most precious commodity...MY TIME. It could be a complete stranger and they were more important than me.  That's kind of f^@ked up, but it is the truth.

When I started Focus T25, I chose that program because it was going to kick my ass and my ass needed a good kick. I ddin’t start it so that I could use it to sell it. Don’t get me wrong, I want to help people and I hope my story inspires everyone to get on their fitness journey with me. I am also NOT allergic to money, but in becoming a coach and wanting to help others I again lost sight of why I started my journey. TO HELP MYSELF! Not because I was selfish, but because I, too needed the help. I was my own best coach. I was making massive progress. I was doing the right thing for me for a change.

Jack Canfield says, “You have to take 100% responsibility for your life.” The good and the bad of it.  That's hard, but the exercise is worth it. I like my life right now, but I want to LOVE and truly enjoy the journey. It is 100% my responsibility to make that happen and do the things that fill me up and get me where I want to be. Some wise person once said that when you don’t have goals, you become part of someone else’s goals and their plans instead of your own.

I love being a Team Beachbody coach and I love helping, motivating and keeping people accountable to their life change, because truly weight loss/gain and wanting better health and fitness stems from wanting two basic things: 1) to have a better life 2) developing the self-confidence to make that life happen, but I need to focus on me for a bit more so that I can give to others.

The season right now is for me to regroup and to achieve my goals   To not have my personal fitness transformation be for everyone else before it is for me or the goals I have.

It's not like I won't be back and no one has died from my lack of presence on social media.  In fact, I have had more likes of my Like pages and Instagram without posting.  I don't recommend this for growth or relationship building, but what I have put up in the past has been rich, informative and entertaining.  My point is this... we are all surviving!  My activity is not missed and that's totally OK.

When I come back I will be full and will be better able to give myself selflessly to others and that will make me and everyone else happy:)