A Wanna Be Hybrid Author's Decision

Hello friends and fans, I have a compelling decision to make.  I have been doing some research on self-publishing and there are two that I am considering.  I have used one in the past, but I wanted to know if there were any writers out there who felt strongly about who to self-publish with and why (the choices are below)


We are talking about a completed edited work here so some services are not necessary.  However, in terms of cost, polish and ease of use for multiple platforms, does anyone have any insight that could help me make a decision. Please feel free to add any information that I might need to consider or any resources you think might be helpful.

The first up is Damonza.com which was recommended to me by an author friend

Second is Authorhous.com, I used them before.

Let me go ahead and throw Create Space via Amazon into the mix for giggles.

Hit me back! :)