Just Chillin With My Vibes

Just chillin' with my vibes, y'all.... photo by Jennifer N Welsh

Music and dance really influence me.  I LOVE music!  For the past few years, I have become a connoisseur of Electronic Dance Music. :) I have visited clubs, jumped up and down at festivals and even took a few classes to actually DJ.

Some of it was to research for my book and really put myself in the shoes of my characters, but I really enjoy the happy feeling I get when the "beat drops." As for dance, whenever I can see someone I know dance or visit the ballet, I do!  One of the most inspiring things is to seek kids dance. I don't really care what genre of dance it is, they are just the cutest most inspirational things.

I was recently saw Les Twins on their YouTube channel.  They are thrilling to watch.  When they did their class with the kids, I fell in love with them even more because they were just so great with the kids!  Check them out below.  All my experiences influence my writing on some level.  That's how I know that is my form of artistic expression.  Just like dancers and musicians put their art into the world, perfect or imperfect, so to will I.

JN Welsh