Total Wellness for Writers...

..and others who work from home doing most of their work sitting behind a desk in front of a computer. In my previous posts I have mentioned that I have a passion for writers (romance writers in particularly). When I am around them, I feel like I am with my people, my kindred spirits. Over the years, I have noticed that because of the sedentary nature of our work, we sometimes put fitness on the back burner.

Myself included!

That came into full realization when after transitioning out of a corporate job and into a predominantly work from home situation.  I was pursuing my dreams and aspirations and well... to give you the super simple version...getting in all the activity I needed was a big problem.

Some of you know my story and how I struggled with my weight most of my life. It all came to a head in  January 2014 when I weighed in at my all time high. That was the beginning of my fitness journey. I have since lost 60 pounds and continue to shoot for my goal weight.  I have learned some things along the way and  want to share this information, give back, and support others who want to focus on total wellness (mind, body and spirit).

I have combined my passion for writing and writers  with my passion for fitness and now work to help writers, who have their @$$ in the chair writing (as they should) BUT also need to get the @$$ out of the chair for some good, blood circulating exercise.  Nutrition plays a HUGE role and the FREE guide I have created below houses some quick and easy recipes, plus tools, tips and techniques to get started. It is a gift for signing up for my monthly newsletter which I will be starting in October 2015!

Do you have to be a writer or someone who works from home to download the guide?  Not at all. Everyone is welcome in Mama's house...haha.  If you want to get some new recipes and maybe learn something new then just CLICK BELOW on the image  and sign up to get the guide.

Please share this post with a writer near you or a friend. I look forward to staying connected.

xoxo Jen