The Road to Insanity


Over the past two months, I have been doing Chalene Extreme which is a heavy weight training program. I love this program and I feel like I have really gotten stronger. I know, I know...I was supposed to be writing about my results and my experience, but I wasn't consistent with the reporting and I ask for your forgiveness. Come November 2, 2015 you will be getting the blow by blow of the next program that I will be doing.

Get Fit or Get Out

I was using Chalene Extreme to build up to INSANITY ( heard me right) which was a program that I said I would do sometime this year.  Little did I know that I would literally wait until the last 2 months of the year to do it.  I will actually finish my last workout on January 1st which is kind of a cool way to end the year and start the new one.

Full disclosure, I am really nervous about doing it and scared of failing --failing on the nutrition part or being so miserable with the exercise that I don't want to continue.  I am also afraid that I won't get the transformation that I am seeking.  Yes, even the fitness coach and instructor has fears and I always will. These are all valid fears to have, but one of the things that I know, as someone who helps others reach their goals and have great transformations, is that it all started with my own.  Back in 2014 when I started the new year with a tough little program called Focus T25 and got great results, there was a quiet storm of determination that brewed in me... I was going to do it no matter what. It is mindset -- something that I have come to understand is very powerful.

I know that I will not reach my goal weight, which would be about 60 pounds, but it will bring me closer to it. I say those 60 pounds a lot easier because I already lost 60 pounds...haha.  Yes, by the theoretical end of my fitness journey, I would have lost the equivalent of another person. Try carrying that for a few decades.

Talk about baggage...

I can...

...but I won't...

...not in this post anyway!

Through all my fears, I know that  physically, I can do this program.  I know that mentally, I can push myself and simply, because I have done it before, I can focus my energies to eating well and healthfully for my body.  Most of all, I am doing it with a group of women I trust will run with me through Insanity, past the finish line and into our next adventure!

No matter what, the journey will be educational and whether physical, emotional or spiritual, it will impact me and I will be forever changed.

IF for any reason you are crazy enough to join us, just complete this form and let's talk: