Day 4 - 8 - Jen's Insanity Chronicles

Week Two is here BUT WAIT!!! I have to tell you about week one successes. I LOST 3 POUNDS!! Whoo  hoo...Go me!  I"m so happy and doing cartwheels (in my head in excitement)

The workouts didn't get any easier after my last chronicle.  Seriously though,  when you talk about digging deep, there are those moments when you just want to quit. Even ShaunT says, and I quote.  "This $#it is BANANAZ!" and he's the trainer!  haha.  I made it through the week sore, but injury free.  I am ravenous most of the time on this program and get to eat five meals a day, BUT I learned that if I have to eat another meal after 8:30pm, I am totally not into it.

Me? Not into food?  What?  She's crazy?  The thing is I'm burning a lot of calories the whole day, but I am also drinking almost a gallon of water and my meals are like 500 calories each.  MUST. EAT...

....and I do, but that chew on meal five is arduous! :)

Anyway, I wanted to share a quick recipe with you guys because I know all this Insanity talk is making you super hungry.  It really is yummy and you should totally try it.


Yummy Protein Packed Yogurt

1.5 cups of yogurt (greek is best)

1 tsp raw honey (it has a flavor that goes nicely with the yogurt)

1 scoop of vanilla protein powder (don't use chocolate, you might be sorry)

2 Tbsp of chopped nuts

1 chopped apple

(Suggestion - mix the yogurt and honey until smooth, then mix in the protein powder until smooth then stir in or top with the nuts and apple.) Enjoy because it's good! )

Wish me luck on week two guys....I'm gonna need it!

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