Day 8-22 - Jen's Insanity Chronicles


Can you believe it!  I just started week four of this program.  I also lost half (.5) a pounds this week.  Not bad, right?! I am still going downward!  Nice! I am more than twenty-one days in, and though I have had some challenges, I am looking forward to finishing month one and doing the "Recovery week." So how was day 8-22 you ask?  Well, I have been pretty good at sticking with the nutrition plan, but I did have a few hiccups recently; some I handled well and other not so much.

Let's go down memory lane, shall we?

It all started with eight little chocolate chips and a bit of popcorn on a day where I had some pretty freakin' intense cravings last week and ended with eight pumpkin cookies.  Allow me to explain...

I tried to drink water and power through it, but ended up giving in because I literally was walking in circles trying to avoid the first salty, then sweet cravings.  I have learned that trying to eat around intense cravings like this won't help me.  I handled it pretty well, only eight tiny dark chocolate chips and about 1 cup of air-popped popcorn.  We were ok.

Just to let you know, I was still busting my booty doing these workouts, which don't get easier, you just learn to push through them and accept when you have to stop and gasp for air.

Check me out!

Cut to me on my way to an event to celebrate one of my fellow writers and worried about how I was going to power through the night nutrition wise. Well, crisis avoided! There were vegan and vegetarian options, which made eating not only healthy but fun because everything was delicious, the company was fun and I even had wine...Yay!

Tis the season for eating...and in my case baking and I really wanted to bake yesterday (Sunday).  It was spontaneous and luckily I have people around to share it with. However, that didn't stop me from having eight cookies throughout the day.  Yeah, you heard me right? See, I lost count.  Since I wasn't keeping track coupled with the face that I also didn't have two of my hearty Insanity meals, I was hungry and with that taste of sugar and pumpkin on my lips, things quickly went south.

The coach needed support and a great group of women supported me as I went through my disappointment with having had so many cookies (especially since it wasn't even during my Christmas cookie baking time).  I am on the upswing now and in all honesty, if I look at things objectively, that eight cookie day was that 15% bad where I have been 85% great in my overall nutrition.

Now with Thanksgiving on Thursday, I have to be vigilant and mindful because on that day I have already planned where I might be a little more flexible.  You know, sometimes you fall back into some old habits but one thing I have learned is that this is a lifestyle and not a fad and even though I'm a coach, I am always learning about myself on this journey.