Thanks 2016!


I want to give a shout out to 2016! There have been differing views on whether or not this year was good or bad. The overwhelming consensus has been toward the negative and I get it, but some great things have come out of 2016 for me personal.  

As far as personal goals, 2016 was one of my better years and in terms of writing goals, my best year so far!  I have a book collection--a building body of work or entertaining books.  It was a vintage year for me one that I may look back in future years and say, this is where the tides turned for me as a career writer.

I met and made friends with AMAZING people starting with a trip to Guatemala and driving up the coast of California and spending time with so many friends. I went to Romance Writer's of America and not only learned so much but made some amazing friends and had the best writer roomies. I even went on a date and saw my close friends deliver happy healthy babies. And even though there were some heartbreaking moments towards the end of the year I was thankful that I as able to hug my loved ones close.  So, I have to thank 2016 for giving that to me.

Here comes 2017 asking me, "now what?" It has some nerve! I didn't even get a chance to digest 2016 fully.  Must say, folks, it always takes me a little while to get going in the New Year because I'm not someone who quickly transitions emotionally from season to season.  January 1st, 2nd, 3rd or the first two weeks of January, for that matter, seems too close to a holiday season that has taken me three months to build into. "Hit the ground running?" Nah!

I do applaud all those people who take the time to plan in December for what they want to achieve in the next year.  I'm not that person.  I actually use the first few weeks of January to lay low (yes, even lower than the tail-end of the holiday season), be introspective, and plan my year.  The first two weeks of January, while many people are running around trying to lose weight, become millionaires and benefit from a collective craziness to make 2017 the best year ever. I'm taking the time to really align my goals with a future so far ahead it would blow your mind. Don't get me wrong.  I share similar dreams and aspirations but I just go about it a bit different.  I'm okay with being a bit behind here. 


What have I been doing besides planning? Reading.  I'm reading books that are helping me acquire the skills that I need to build my business, improve my craft, and have better relationships. I'm snuggling up with books for pleasure that my author friends have written and some others that are on a book list I continue to check off. Exercise is something I do five times a week in general, however, I always struggle with nutrition so, I'm doing my best to get back to a diet that doesn't include hot chocolate and Christmas cookies. Wine is still on the menu.

My thoughts for you as it relates to enjoying your 2017 are to focus on one thing that's really important and make small changes every week. Try to get better and better at those small changes every day.  Don't feel too rushed if you don't have it all figured out already -- you got 11 more months! :)