Let's Dance!

True confession...I spontaneously dance whenever the music hits me.

My love of dance and music is something that I share with many around the globe.  As a dance fitness instructor, I share this love with my class and encourage them to leave their day behind and just have fun!  It's hard to dance and be in a bad mood at the same time, but much easier to live in the music.  So come join me if you want to LIVE!

To request a class with me at your company or live event, contact me so we can discuss your needs.

What are people saying about Cize Live with Jen?

Jen is so positive, energetic and a wonderful personality! As she always says when we walk in "have fun, free your mind and just keep dancing! Free your minds and good thoughts!" After a hard day she makes me feel better just walking into class and after had an amazing workout! --Mary M.


Jen is skilled, thoughtful, sensible, and a pleasure to Cize with and talk to. She knows just how and when to encourage and when to push, though never too much. Highest recommendationI would certainly encourage everyone to take a class with Jen. She is passionate about what how she instructs. She takes the time to help you and even if you have no rhythm, she helps you find it. I walk out of her class feeling very confident and accomplished! --Bridget C.


Jen is a great instructor, she makes sure we learn step by step so by the time we need to Cize it up we are sweating {...} with Jen as an instructor you will accomplish the steps, so I would tell her to stick to it. --Betty C.


Jen has great energy and motivates us always and encourages us when we do not think we can do the moves she does very well!!   {Cize} is a great experience, one that I feel all ages can do. That is due to Jen's great energy and instruction.  JEN IS AWESOME!!--Tracey C.


 Jen makes the Cize class lively, fun and motivating. She teaches every step slowly before it's time to Cize It Up. Jen is very patient with the class since we move at different paces. Cize is an excellent dance class, but it takes time to learn and remember all the steps. It's great way to learn how to dance, especially with Jen, since she has a lot of rhythm. It's an enjoyable exercise while losing weight. --Sherry J.


It's not your typical form of cardio.  It's fun and I love how there is a challenge in memorizing the routines. Jen is fun and energetic.  She doesn't rush through the routine. She is easy to follow and breaks down each step in class. It's perfect for beginners.  Not too strenuous, but there is definitely a challenge! --Tenisha R.