I love to write as much as I love to laugh!

As a child in school, I used to write notes and stories about my friends dating the guys they liked. I was in 6th grade. As you can imagine, my notes were pretty long. I had learned how to write these love story notes, better known today as young adult fiction, because as a voracious reader, I would steal my older sister's romance novels!

The writer was born.

I'd like to tell you that my trajectory was clear and effortless, but it wasn't. I had a lot of dreams; some I achieved and others I continued to reach for but fell short each time.

In early 2013, I transitioned out of a corporate job to pursue my dream of being a full-time writer and pursuing my entrepreneurial dreams. This was a BIG RISK but I was ready to start moving in the  direction of my dreams and goals with tenacity.  I had to take a chance! 

However, whenever you take a chance, you voluntarily accept to step onto the rollercoaster. Let’s face it, when you decide to pursue your dreams it may come at a cost.  For me, the cost were financial, emotional and physical lows.

During this time, I found myself overweight and pretty blue. Stress around income to support myself also made a regular appearance. I no longer had a commute, so I wasn’t physically moving as much. In addition, I coped with food. When things were at their worst, I had gained 20 pounds between Halloween and New Year’s and that was on top of the 40 pounds I had added to my already heavy body. Yeah, you read that right! I topped the scale at 241.5 pounds.

A change was brewing. 

At a New Year’s Eve party, I rambled off a laundry list of resolutions to a friend and when I asked her about hers, she said, “I just want to be better.” Her words hit home and I thought to myself, "Well hell! I want to be better, too!" She'd condensed my list of resolutions into a simple line and here I thought I was the eloquent one.

Now, understand that up to that point, I wasn't playing this life game at 100%. I wanted the next half of my life to be better than the last half. I wanted people to perceive me as strong and confident because I truly felt that inside. I didn’t want to be a quitter and excuse maker anymore. I wanted my writing career to start and take off, to be financially stable and to find the kind of love I had only written about in my novels. Yes! The dream I have wanted to pursue since I was in grade school was to be a romance author.  I had to get my s#!t together.

The life coach emerged.

When 2014 arrived, I started a tough challenging program, I did the meal plan to the letter and blogged about it to keep myself accountable. I did well for the first three months, and then I realized that I needed help and support.

Sure, I had done well on my own, but my yo-yo history reminded me that though I could lose the weight, I needed someone to say, “Hey, remember why you started and where you want to end up!" and "Look at how far you've come!" -- especially when I started to sneak a couple chips here and a few too many glasses of wine there or chose to take an extra serving of rice instead of leafy greens.

I benefitted from accountability, and now, as a life coach -- specializing in emotional challenges, living life (and career) with purpose, and health and wellness -- I help others to do the same. I'd like to tell you that I have everything figured out and that everything in my life is golden, but I still strive to be better and that's all I want for my client-friends -- to keep moving forward. Our stories haven't ended, our stories continue with every new experience, good or bad. So, let's keep moving forward.


photo by Tamia Hurtado